Don’t Fret So Much About Advancing Your Career

If you find yourself in a career that you don’t enjoy, it’s crucial to pivot it into something that will make you want to return to the office every day. That might mean taking a step back and trying a new and different role. If it helps you go into a field you might enjoy, it’s worth a shot.


Find your passion and the money will follow.

A Business School Where Women Are a Powerful Force

Learn how Jovanna Youssef (’16) has thrived at a school with a female dean, the leading b-school womens’ conference, and now with a female student bod


Thanks to the tireless and far-reaching efforts of Dean Judy Olian, not only are Anderson women a powerful force, they are an unparalleled global force!

The UCLA Anderson 2015 John Wooden Fellows

Sr. Associate Dean Al Osborne visits with each of the four Wooden Fellows and learns that they are incredibly accomplished and giving individuals. This year’…


Proud to have our first Wooden Fellow from the Global program.  Congratulations to Dr. Rob Douk, GEMBA Class of ’16.